• SA Grind & Polish Floors

    SA Grind & Polishing of cement floors is where the top of the cement gets grinded until the stronger cement below the surface are reached. We polish then to get a strong, durable surface that is smooth.

    We grind and polished the floor according to a well established and tested method, using HTC’S machines and HTC’s diamond tools and accordance with HTC’s grinding guide.

    New generation and very decorative and highly durable polished concrete flooring that’s perfectly suited to today’s high-traffic and fast paced lifestyle.

    A unique process that produces a finish similar to polished stone. It incorporates a multi-stage grinding and polishing process to reveal the inherent character of structural concrete slabs and topping coats. 2.

    • Minimum maintenance.
    • Easy to clean.
    • Durable.

    We use this application on warehouse floors, workshops and where old or new cement surfaces are, at a very affordable price.