A top quality acrylic/urethane for demanding interior or exterior applications. The product cures to an extremely hard wearing and resistant coating.

    Our commercial and industrial Epoxy/ Polyurethane flooring offers an ultra-smooth, chemical and impact resistant floors, and are ideal for areas requiring a smooth, seamless floor that is easy to maintain

    On suitably primed and roughened surfaces, a spreading rate of 8 – 10 square metres per litre will be achieved.

    Previously painted surfaces, unless coated with Nitrocellulose, twin pack epoxy or twin pack polyurethane, should be stripped of all paint, down to bare substrate, prior to painting.

    Please note:  Screeds to be appropriately roughened by means of abrading and rendered dust free before any coatings are applied.

    Surfaces to be recoated should be thoroughly sanded to an even, matt appearance and be free of oil or dirt.

    Metal surfaces should be degreased and wire brushed to a bright finish before priming with Twin Pack Etch Primer before coating with this product.

    Application by spray equipment, brush or mohair roller.

    Apply first coat of WeatherPrufe Twin Pack Polyurethane, diluted 10% with Polyurethane Thinners, for good penetration on new screed floors, 5% for previously coated, allow to dry overnight.

    Apply second coat, diluted 5%, and allow to dry overnight.

    Apply final coat, also diluted 5% and allow to dry overnight.

    As the product cures by chemical reaction, the temperature of the substrate influences the rate of the reaction.

    Ambient temperatures of below 12˚C result in very low floor and steel structure temperatures. When overnight temperatures are expected to be below 12˚C, it must be noted that the product will only fully cure in excess of 7 days and heavy traffic over such floors is to be avoided.

    Similarly, resistance to chemicals and solvents will only reach their full levels after 7 days at above 12˚C.


    • Very tough and hardwearing coating
    • Interior and Exterior applications
    • Flexible coating
    • Excellent gloss retention
    • Non-yellowing
    • Resistant to solvents and chemicals, oils and fuels
    • Excellent UV resistance

Polyurethane Floor Coating

Polyurethane Floor Coating